Panpunch is a Grass type basic Pokemon. Along with Puplare and Wealo, it is one of the starters available in Pokemon Space.

Design Edit

Panpunch is based of a panda. It may also be a reference to acrobatics done in circuses. The leaf on its head represents hair, and its vine represents a jump rope. Panpunch are also said to be very playful.

Dex Entries Edit

Space It prefers to play with its nature abilities rather than fight. The leaf on its head only sticks if placed by the person it loves the most.

Learnset Edit



1 Growl
1 Scratch
5 Leafage
7 Vacuum Wave
11 Razor Leaf
13 Synthesis
15 Mach
20 Sucker Punch
22 Acrobatics
25 Swords Dance
27 Drain Punch
32 Seed Bomb
32 Close Combat
36 Bulk Up
40 Scary Face
45 Leaf Storm
46 Forest Shield
50 Solar Blade
55 Sky Uppercut

Evolutions Edit

Panpunch ------>(Level 16) Kaikey --------->(Level 32) Kaitree